…you’ve landed at the ‘ArtHekhal’-website of Dutch artist Martin Geuzendam. Well… That’s me! Straight to my blog? Go Home! 🙂 More information on my motivations and the name ‘Art Hekhal’? …read further.
straight to the heart

Here at this website you’ll find my ‘arthekhals’; short and longer articles on various subjects in which I share my thoughts, questions, ideas, experiences, comments and more.

Always from a spiritual, open-minded and conscious point of view. Often used words, but they are important characteristics to me.

I hope you experience my articles to be constructive, positive (without negating what is – or can be perceived as – “negative”), to be thoughtful and aware. Deepening and at times hilarious. The both align great! As I like a good laugh big time!

Just as I make artworks that bear meaning and all that, I make cartoons. Just as I’m socially committed and active, I like to dance on some good roots reggae music or listen to meditative zen-“soundscapes”. All coming from that same one person.

Just like you, in your own specific ways.

We’re amazing complicated beings, but shouldn’t complicate stuff. We are to live in simplicity, but shouldn’t simplicate what needs thoughtful nuance. Well… you get the point.

I’ll dig into or just touch on matters of relationships (in every sense of the word, as to me everything is about relationships, the way we relate to), on social issues, ethics, environment, health, work, (contemporary/modern) art, etc. …perhaps even about politics… All at random.

My views are based on Torah, on ancient Jewish spiritual tradition.

What?? Another reli-dude?

When most people read “Torah” and “Jewish spiritual tradition” they get all sorts of ‘religious’ pictures and related thoughts coming up, which, eventhough they have their own place and value, do not, and at least not necessarily, represent by far what I mean. Later on that in my blog.

Anyway, although my inspiration finds it’s ‘ground’ in it, there are several spiritual traditions and teachings that I value deeply and can relate to, especially within Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Sufism, etc. Teachings and practices that enriches, are inclusive and align with it. Obviously, not without leaving a clear sight on discernment. As, quoting Moses Maimonides (RaMBaM), who said: “Accept the truth from whatever source it comes”.

Art Hekhal??
The name “ArtHekhal” is a contraction of the English “art” and the phonetic Hebrew “hekhal” (היכל) which means “palice” or “holy place” or “Tabernacle”. Spoken out together at once it sounds as the English “article”. You see I wrote ‘Art Hekhal’ with the Hebrew letters aleph (א) and heh (ה) forming: ‘ah’ (אה) which means “oh!”. A sound we  make when  we like, recognize, understand, wonder, get interested, etc. about things.., An “oh!” when uttered can have numerous meanings. I hope my ‘arthekhals’ as well as my pieces of art may give you many positive “oh!’s” and help you entering the (halls of the) ‘palace’ within your own life.

My artwork consists of mainly (graphite) drawings, acrylic- and oilpaintings. I also make sculptures and objects. You can find my works on my art-website here:


Hope you enjoy the (upcoming) articles (and the works of art on my other site)… When you have questions, comments, are interested to get my opinion on subjects, search for someone (me) to write commisioned articles, when you would like to buy work or want my work for an exhibition, …please check my contactpage and don’t feel bothered to write me!

I like to share and inspire and to get inspired and share in other people’s views, understanding and experiences. So, feel free to share me yours!

This website is yet still under construction. Yes, this man is very busy! Please, be patient… it’s a beautiful virtue! ;-)

Blessedlove and shalom!