OMG!! The ‘Source Above’ and “Infinite No-Thingness”


The ‘Source Above’ and “Infinite No-Thingness”.

The word is so often used, “God”. Oh. My. God! And in our speedy times of instant messaging and limited use of characters to craftedly write down a tweet, it’s “OMG!” ofcourse. Most people believe there’s “something more between heaven and earth”. That life somehow has meaning and purpose. Or, if their spiritual tradition does not recognize any of that specifically, there is a deep sense of inter-connectedness. 

The theologists, especially within Christianity, have drawn an often pretty much as limited and theologically construed image of G’d as the characters we can put into a textmessage or tweet. Mostly known as the “Old Testamentical Revengeful God”. High up in the Skies, in “heaven”, whether a white bearded old wise man in white garments or not, yet always ready to judge. Overseeing with his All-Seeing Eye to catch upon our sins. A traumatic image for so many grown up with it. And it’s influence and parodies are still much around.

Wait. Did I just say image?

In many traditions it is understood that we can’t make an image of the very Source beyond creation. The Torah teaches to not make any (carved) image of G’d. Everything we may think of is diminishing. It’s a product of our limited minds. We simply have not the capacity to grasp the fullness of the Source. We hardly understand ourselves.

I therefore like to refer to “G’d” as the “Source Above”. “Above” not in the sense of a physical location (just as with “heaven” it is not about pointing out into the sky), but as to say that everything “below”, that came through creation, is dependant of this Source that sustains it..

The Torah does reveal the Name as “Yod – Heh – Wav – Heh”. The Four-lettered Name (“Tetragrammaton”). In daily usage referred to as “The Name” (HaShem). The Name bears the full dynamic of the Hebrew word for “Being”.

As we can’t define the undefinable, Jewish teachers referred to “G’d” as the “Endless One”, “Infinite No-Thingness”, “Ein Soph” (literally “no end”).

With G’d referred to as our ‘Source Above’ I mean that everything that is, in whatever vibration it appears, has a source. We may call this source No-thingness, as beyond our understanding; beyond and within Time, hence “Infinite No-Thingness”. The Torah teaches us that HaShem created creation out of no-thingness, or more accurate; “He” (“He”, “His”??…what paternalistic usage is thát?? ..we come to that one too! I promise!) speaks and it is. It’s through the Word that creation comes to “be”.

Interestingly, we are said to be made in “His image and likeness”. Our very being is a spark of this Infinite No-Thingness, of the “Endless One”, bearing the characteristics of the Source Above. We are at our core creative beings.

Now this may sound all great and inspiring, but may seem to stand far away from our day-to-day life. With all it’s hassle, the obligations, lack of time, etc. Yet, as we discover how much our perception on who we are influences how we experience ourselves and our surroundings. How we have a huge deal in creating our own realities within our day-today life, we can see how important it is to stop. Breathe. Look within and then without. Start to see whom we are and can be. To rise beyond our limiting perceptions and shout out: “OMG!!”.